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Binder Accessory Attachment for #C21/#C22

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This base works with both of the binder attachments and is adjustable so it can fit various machines beyond just the L 8 Series machines. What’s really neat about the Accessories Holder is that it swings out to make it super convenient to attach the binder AND insert the fabric into the binder attachment. Once you’ve attached the base, then swing it back into place and adjust the placement of the opening of the binder to where you want it.

You will notice that there are two sets of screws included with the Accessories Holder- look closer and you will see they are different lengths. The longer set is for attaching the holder to the BERNINA L 890. The shorter set works with…drum roll, please…the bernette 42 FUNLOCK and the bernette 48 FUNLOCK! The b42 is a coverstitch only machine, and the b48 is a combination of an overlocker and a coverstitch machine. You can even use these binders on previous coverstitch machines like the BERNINA L 220 and BERNINA 009DCC.

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